The first camera I had was a Christmas gift when I was 8 or so, a Kodak Instamatic which took cartridges of 126 film. Earning pocket money as a paperboy I bought a used Nikkormat; later, Leicas, Canon, I bought, sold, traded and occasionally destroyed many cameras. Currently I shoot film with a Nikon F6, and digital with various Fujifilm models. 
But I remember fondly the days of Kodachrome, waiting for the yellow box of slides to arrive in the post; of learning darkroom technique after hours in a high school darkroom the chemistry teacher built; of skipping classes to shoot.
I worked in film production for twenty-some years; quitting that in my fifties, I belatedly earned an MA and produced a documentary series of 23 short films on the interaction of public art and public spaces. Presently, I'm a bus driver and a newly self-minted "art photographer", whatever that means.
My first solo show was in August 2019, the Amsterdam series, exhibited in a café gallery; I also participated in a group show at a public gallery. In 2020 I'll be one of four photographers at the Ferry Building Gallery in West Vancouver.